Buckingham Tutors Publishing logo  Paperback books by Sidney Callis: "Good Writing           for Business", "Working with People", "Supervisory           Management" and "Budgeting".

"Good Writing for Business" is a timesaving guide on how to write good business English. Pocket book size (244 mm. x 190 mm.), the 237 pages are packed with easy to read information, and instruction on how best to communicate in writing, in a business environment.

An important feature of the book is the clarity of presentation. This makes it exceptionally suitable for those who do not have English as a first language. The book covers the whole spectrum of how to get the best out of English writing: how to write clearly and concisely; gathering and organising material; planning and structuring writing; words, sentences and paragraphs; how to edit to ensure the best end result
emptygif ... and much more.

"Here is a book which should be found on the desk of every executive who has to put pen to paper or otherwise communicate by stringing one word after another."
transparentgif Business Executive magazine

Good Writing for Business book
Sidney Callis' new book "Working with People" (ISBN 978340947366) distils his experience of many years of working with thousands of people in management and training situations. The book is practical and easy to read. If you want to have the best information and advice on how to work with people successfully, this is the book for you.

There are ten chapters, from communication, through planning, to team building and leadership, to solving disputes, to effective collaboration. All are packed with examples, ideas and illustrations with checklists and self-testing quizzes.

A book every manager and trainer should have.


Working with People book
"Supervisory Management" (ISBN 9781852524203) is an exceptionally clear and helpful text. It looks at the whole range of activities that might face anyone who has to look after and manage a group of people at work. This comprehensive text is based on the "Developing Supervisory Skills" training package and offers a logical, effective and highly practical way to develop the necessary supervisory skills.

The topics covered include major areas such as: leadership and supervision, team organisation, planning and control, problem solving, communications, time management, delegation, managing change and much more. The text is richly supported throughout with exercises, useful charts and descriptive diagrams.

Supervisory Management book

"Budgeting in 90 minutes" (ISBN 9781852525095) has been written to give anyone in business, at any level, a clear understanding of what a budget is, how to compile one and use it. It is one of the functions of management that many managers dread, but it is important that it is done well. The budget is the most effective control tool for the success of any business, no matter how big or small. emptygif

Budgeting book

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